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Published: 06th April 2010
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The Business Design:
Asea is the latest Multilevel network marketing opportunity based in the health and wellness industry. The company believes they have a solid product and a solid compensation structure to help many into health and financial security.

The Product:
What is the Asea product? Asea is the first stable balanced mix of natural reactive molecules that live outside the human body and can be utilized to keep proper balace in the body to activate antioxidants and promote healing.
Asea is a ground-breaking, patented supplement that enhances cell communication on a cellular level to allow cells to experience the maximum health, healing and performance. This clinically proven and tested supplement has been proven in research to provide a 12% increase in endurance markers. Certified safe.

The Company:
Asea/ headquarters is in Salt Lake City Utah, and was founded by Verdis Norton and James G. Pack. Asea is based chemically on scientific discoveries made more than sixteen years back by a assembly of health professionals, engineers and researchers.

Asea may be a safe company. Let me additionally say that I'm not in the company, be it on their company facet or as a distributor.
That being said, I am going to cover on why, for my part they are a good company and it is a good business opportunity, but with one huge caveat, that I am going to go into soon enough.

The corporation is listed in the Better Business Bureau, and if that isn't good enough already, since a ton of companies are not, they actually have a B+ rating, which is darn smart I would say, considering the trade they're in where heaps of non-legitimate companies operate. They've been listed there since September of 2007 with nothing reported as far as any issues go that had to be figured out or addressed. This credential alone already puts them far above the rest.

They do not appear to be a public company by the straightforward searches I've done on them, and there weren't any observable descriptions of that on their site concerning it. I usually look for this in a corporation since being regulated by the SEC adds to credibility. This noticeable lack of record nonetheless could simply coincide with the early stages of the corporate just judging by the year of their Beter Business Bureau record and domain name registration, that was December 2008.

Not several firms can go public only a few years into operation, thus that should not be held against them. The corporate has solid management with visualization and experience. Their merchandise are backed by science and are during a niche that is widely acknowledged. They need with all of them the makings of a nice victory story to unfold.

So, in conclusion, the company is a strong one and looks to be a great venture in the wellness arena. To make the best of this business, a new person needs to have the skills and leadership that can nail-down the distributors' success. The company may not be able to weather the competion and choose another way of distributing its products, like Xlr8 did in 2009, and the people that depend on a company to be there are in for a suprise.

Better to be involved in a system that allows a person to change primary business's when the need arises and to maintain their customer base and distibutor force.

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